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Dogs have 42 teeth
Cats have 30 teeth
Pigs have 44 teeth
* The armadillo has 104 teeth!!
* The snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but it can have over 25,000 teeth!
* The Elephant grinds down its molars and grows new ones. This happens six times in its lifetime!
* The elephant’s molar is about 7″ square!!!
* The Blue Whale is the largest mammal on earth, but it eats only tiny shrimp because it has no teeth!
* The Crocodile Bird flies into the open mouth of a crocodile and cleans it’s teeth for it!
*  The teeth of the Pocket Gopher grow upto 15″ a year! By continually gnawing, they wear them down and they stay the same size. Rats, mice and your hamster among others have teeth that grow continually. If you have one as a pet, it must have wood to gnaw on to shorten its teeth, or it can die.
* The Dolphin only gets one set of teeth to last a lifetime!

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McIff Dental Care and Smiles For Life Partner To Help Children

My name is Dr. McIff. Please take a minute to visit our Smiles for Life blogsite and help us make a difference in childrens’ lives both locally, and around the world. Here at McIff Dental Care we’re so pleased this year to be working with our local charity partner, Smiles for Life in Salt Lake City, to provide this opportunity for our neighbors in Pleasant Grove—as well as in surrounding areas like American Fork, Orem, and Provo—to have their smiles professionally whitened with 100% of the proceeds going to kids’ charities.
Stories like the one below make participating in Smiles for Life so fulfilling. A portion of the donations we’re raising here at McIff Dental Care help fund ongoing dental outreach expeditions to serve the “poorest of the poor” in countries around the world. Here’s a video from a recent expedition to the Dominican Republic, where hundreds of children received both preventative and rehabilitative dental treatment over the eight-day period.

So take a moment right now to make a difference in a child’s life by  calling our Smiles for Life office , directly at 801-785-0083.
AND, YOU CAN EASILY HELP US SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH OTHERS by becoming a fan on Our Facebook Fan Page AND THEN sharing our page with all of your Facebook friends! It will only take you a moment to share, but it could change the life of a child forever.
You can also share by following us on Twitter and retreating this message.
Thanks, again. We look forward to seeing you!
– Dr. Steven McIff

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Two Common Reasons People Need Teeth Whitening

Two  Common Reasons People Need Teeth Whitening

Hello from the  McIff Dental Care team at the office of Dr. McIff! As professional whitening products and procedures become more convenient and affordable, professional teeth whitening has quickly become one of the most requested services here in Pleasant Grove, and in nearby areas like American Fork, Orem, and Provo.
Why do people’s teeth dull over time? How can modern whitening techniques revitalize them? New teeth whitening techniques can reverse the effect of this wear-and-tear and give you bright new smile!

First, surface stains accumulate over time simply with regular day-to-day eating and drinking. However, there are certain foods and drinks that promote staining, such as coffee, red wine, tea and acidic foods. And of course, smoking not only stains teeth quickly, but it can also initiate gum diseases and dramatically increases the risk of actually losing teeth.
Second, there are certain medications that will cause teeth to darken. Make sure to ask your Pleasant Grove doctor if your prescriptions will have an effect on your teeth. A teeth whitening procedure may be necessary to return your bright, beautiful, youthful smile.

Dr. McIff here at McIff Dental Care is ready to answer your questions about modern teeth whitening, so make an appointment to come see us by clicking on the blue button on your right! You don’t have to already be one of our patients, and it doesn’t matter if you live in Pleasant Grove, or in surrounding areas including Provo, American Fork, or Orem.
During the Smiles For Life campaign, 100 percent of the whitening donations go to kids’ charities; 50 percent of which stays in our community with our local charity partner, Smiles for Life.
Thanks! And thanks for sharing this message with family members and friends!

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To-Do List: Make A Teeth Whitening Appointment In Pleasant Grove

Make A Teeth Whitening Appointment In Pleasant GroveAnother Pleasant Grove summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means! We’re all trying to get back in shape to look our finest in preparation for a season of fun in the sun. We’re hitting the gym, getting a fresh summer haircut, and working on our tan. But many of us may forget to take care of what ties it all together—a teeth whitening appointment!
Nothing accompanies a summer tan more than a bright white smile and here at McIff Dental Care, we’re ready to help you look your best – and help children around the world at the same time.
From now until June (just in time for summer!) Dr. Steven McIff and team are participating with the Smiles for Life Foundation.
Not only will you benefit by whitening this season, but also 100 percent of the proceeds help children in need. While you prepare for this upcoming summer, go ahead and add TEETH WHITENING to your ‘To-Do List’ by calling us at 801-785-0083
And thanks for supporting our Smiles For Life efforts, so children can smile for life!
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Ways Teeth Whitening Can Improve Lives in Pleasant Grove

3 Ways  Teeth Whitening Can Improve Lives in

Think about the last time someone took a photo of you. Did you show your full smile? Or, did you keep your lips closed? Did you smile the last time you met someone new? If not, would you like to change that? Teeth whitening may be the answer, and our team here at McIff Dental Care can help. Patients and friends often talk to us about how teeth whitening has changed their lives!

First, people who have had their teeth whitened talk about how much better they feel about themselves. It was amazing what a brightened smile did for one of our patients from Pleasant Grove. After having her teeth whitened, she smiles more, she’s more confident, and she feels far more comfortable in all social situations.
Second, overall appearance is dramatically improved. Your mouth and eyes are the main focal points of your face, and teeth whitening not only improves your smile, but also enhances other facial features as well.
Third, a patient from Pleasant Grove told us about good things that have happened in his business since his teeth whitening. When he meets new clients, the experiences are more positive and engaging because of his confidence. A bright, attractive smile inspires trust.

Make an appointment today with Dr. McIff and see what professional whitening program can do for you! You’ll receive a Smiles For Life discount, AND ALL proceeds go to children’s charities to help children in need—including our local charity partner, Smiles for Life in Salt Lake City. Remember to become a fan on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. If you have questions, call our Smiles For Life office coordinator, Stacy, directly at 801-785-0083.
And PLEASE share this remarkable offer and opportunity with your family members, friends, and coworkers!
Keep smiling!
-Dr. Steven McIff and The McIff Dental Care Team

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Smile Transformations

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What does chewing gum do?

The physical act of chewing increases the flow of saliva in your mouth.  If you chew after eating, the increased salivary flow can help neutralize and wash away the acids that are produced when food is broken down by the bacteria in plaque on your teeth.  Over time, acid can break down tooth enamel, creating the conditions for decay.  Increased saliva flow also carries with it more calcium and phosphate to help strengthen tooth enamel. Clinical studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay.  In the future, look for chewing gum that delivers a variety of therapeutic agents that could provide additional benefits to those provided by the ability of gum to mechanically stimulate saliva flow. For instance, some gum might contain active agents that could enhance the gum’s ability to remineralize teeth and reduce decay, or enable gum to help reduce plaque and gingivitis.

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Teeth Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Teeth Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

So how, exactly, is dark chocolate good for your teeth? There’s a bacterium in your mouth called oral streptococci, which produces acid that eats away at your tooth enamel. The antioxidants in dark chocolate prevent the bacteria from turning into damaging acids by acting as a sort of antibacterial compound. Also, the cocoa butter coats your teeth and prevents plaque from sticking to them.
Because chocolate has tons of antioxidants (about four times that of green tea), it can not only inhibit the production of plaque but also reduce inflammation in the body and work to prevent periodontal disease, a symptom of which is swelling of the gums. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease can also enter the bloodstream and cause heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, so periodically consuming dark chocolate is beneficial to your heart health as well.
It’s important to remember, however, that munching on a piece of dark chocolate is not like downing a plateful of veggies. It has some important health benefits, but it’s far from a healthy food. Like any confection, dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation. It still contains ample amounts of sugar and fat, each of which comes with its own set of health issues. Also, like all chocolates, dark chocolate isn’t exactly low in calories. The recommended intake is 1 ounce per day, which is equal to about six Hershey Kisses (don’t worry, they’re available in a dark variety). Even this small amount, however, contains as many as 150 calories, and since it tastes so good, it’s hard not to indulge.
So get your hands (and teeth) on some dark chocolate today to enjoy what is arguably the most delicious but still beneficial food on the planet. Just remember to practice portion control so the health risks associated with an expanding waistline don’t overshadow the benefits to your pearly whites.

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Looking for a Valentine?

Well, let us help. According to USA Today, both men and women both rated teeth as the number one thing they look for in the opposite sex. So if you are looking for a valentine, come see us and let us sparkle your teeth right up.

source: USA Today
Source: USA Today
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Why is the dentist so expensive?

” WHY is going to the dentist so expensive?”
Well, we are  going to answer that question today.
 Here’s why going to the dentist costs what it does:
• Equipment is expensive — The next time you visit your dentist, look at the amount of equipment he or she has in their office . We have X-ray machines onsite, and every examination room has a drill (with all manner of attachments), water, and suction. It’s all obscenely expensive. Heck, the chair alone costs as much as some cars do. Not to mention that overhead light.
• Changing Technology — Once the above equipment is paid off, it’s generally at the end of its useful life. A good, dentist will always invest in the best equipment. Have you noticed how much X-ray technology has changed (we use digital X-rays.)  That stuff is shockingly expensive, but we cannot do my job without it. 
• Materials –  The material cost of your crown is probably more than half the total fee. More than half the total fee, for that little tiny thing. It’s crazy to us as well. 
• Personnel — Since we have our wonderful hygienist on staff. And, there ist always TWO people working on you at all times — Dr. Mciff and his awesome assistant. Not to forget Stacy upfront. 
• Insurance (mine) — Like physicians, I am required to have a large amount of malpractice insurance. And it’s really, really expensive..
Add the entire thing up, and you have an overhead number that is simply amazing in how large it is. I know most people won’t believe me, but nobody becomes a dentist to get rich. Especially a general dentist. This doesn’t include  normal bills like rent, heat, and water. 
I hope this post was at least informative to you in regards to high dental costs.We only want the best for our awesome patients. We hope you understand why we are expensive, but know you are important to us and we truly care about your smile here at McIff dental care. 
Until next time, keep smiling.

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